TailTalk “World’s First Dog Emotion Sensor”

DogStar Life has created the world’s first dog emotion tracker. TailTalk, draws on the latest canine behavioral research to document dogs’ emotional state based on the complex signals delivered through their tails. The wearable tracker reveals the peaks and valleys of your dog’s happiness throughout the day, reported through a companion app available for iOS and Android.

The tail is the dog’s social interface, like a smile is for humans

“Tail wagging doesn’t automatically imply that a dog is happy,” said Dr. Pamela Perry, Ph.D., DVM, Veterinary Behavior Resident at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. “The tail is a dog’s social interface, signaling behavioral nuances that other dogs recognize, but which humans do not always understand. Fortunately, there are ways to monitor and record dogs’ body language, and ongoing research offers a more detailed understanding of how our pets express themselves.

The world’s first dog emotion tracker

Wagging is not just wagging, but is complex and includes emotional signals the human eye cannot always recognize. 

TailTalk is a smart connected device, worn around the tail, that captures the tail movement and translates it to the emotions our dogs convey.

TailTalk Emotion Sensor
TailTalk – A Mounted Emotion Sensor

The goal of the DogStar Life’s tracker is to measure tail position and movements as indicators of dogs’ behavior and mood, thereby allowing owners to ensure their dogs’ behavioral health and wellbeing.”

Worn on a dog’s tail, the lightweight, chew-resistant, water-resistant tracker collects actionable data on its happiness throughout the day, passing insights to the companion app via Bluetooth. Owners can survey aggregate data to annotate patterns and determine which environments, people, and toys most excite their dog and avoid the ones that cause stress. The tracker will be especially useful for new pet parents or children, who can clearly see how a dog responds to different actions and experiences.

Unfortunately, the TailTalk Project (included companion app and sensor) is no longer being active.

However, from now the DogStar Life will start helping your fur friends to improve their life through sharing the daily tips and best products with guides that make your dog stress free and more happier because they do same for us. 🐕

That’s why at least we can do for them is try to ensure they comfortably live a healthier, happier, and longer life. 🐾❤️