Is It Cheaper to Make Your Own Dog Food?

Want to save money on Dog Food without compromising with the Health and Nutrition of your Dog? Here's what you need to know about homemade dog food.
is it cheaper to make your own dog food

Have you ever wonder that your dog can eat your cooked meal? Yeah, that will help to save some bucks but…

It makes you think that is it cheaper to make your own dog food? What if you could save the money that you spent on commercial dog food.

Because everyone loves cheap and supreme quality.

In this article, we’re going to cover everything that will help to not just save money but also help you improve the diet and your dog get more nutrition from homemade dog food. In the end, we all want our dog to eat the healthiest food and live a healthier lifestyle to avoid any disease.

The most promising benefit of feeding your dog homemade food is that you know what it contains, and how beneficial it will be for your dog.

We’re not going to share the recipes for the dog food that you can cook at home you can check YouTube for that but we’ll share how cheap is to make your own dog food and some major pros and con as well of it.

How cheaper is Homemade Food than Commercial Food

There are many aspects that need to be studied first and analysed to draw the conclusion for the Homemade Dog Food vs Store Brought or Commercial Dog Food.

How cheaper is Homemade Food

Pet owners never hesitate and never think too much before spending money on them. Everyone loves their pet they’re part of the family and the ones who love you unconditionally. They are always willing to pay more for the best quality food and veterinarian care for their pets.

Cost Analysis of Commercial & Homemade Dog Food

Saving money on dog food needs to research and analyst the cost of both commercial or store brought and homemade food. Refer to this article for more detailed and insightful data and cost comparison between homemade and commercial dog food.

Consumers are willing to spend more money on pet food than food for themselves.

Pet Owners

A pet owner doesn’t care about the money while spending on thier pet’s food, vet care, and other services. See the below chart, the data is collected from the survey for 2019-2020 National Pet Owner and the totaled amount spent was $95.7 billion.

Dog Food and Other Expenses
2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey | Courtesy of DogStar.Life

Now you know why the dogs and other pets get the best treatment in this world. There’ll be different people might have different opinions regarding saving money on dog food.

But it’s not necessary that commercial food is better than the homemade food, So here we’ve mentioned the pros and cons of both types.

Pros & Cons of Commercial/Store-Brought Dog Food

  • Just unwrap and serve.
  • Hassle-free.
  • Especially and only made for Pet.
  • Nutrient & Mineral Rich.
  • Convenient.
  • Toxic-free ingredients.

  • Allergic to sensitive dogs.
  • You need to clean your dog’s teeth due to the presence of high carbohydrate content.
  • Lack of abrasive content.
  • Hard to control the dies, so as to weight.
  • Doesn’t always healthy for every dog.
  • Some brand uses filler ingredients.

Pros & Cons of Homemade Dog Food

  • You know exactly what your dog is eating.
  • Saves money.
  • Healthier & Nutritional diet.
  • No preservatives.
  • No filler ingredients.
  • Make fresh, serve fresh.
  • Helpful in home remedies

  • Always ask the vet about the ingredients you’re going to use
  • Making your own dog food would be cheaper but not easier.

Other Ways to Save Money on Dog Food

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The list ain’t ends here. Dog owners are so creative when it comes to caring. They always being obsessed with them and if you do also have the same feeling for your pet then you can actually save some bucks by doing these 5 things for your dog.

There are many good and healthier way to make your own dog food that result in savings.

1. Cook Yourself

That’s the main point of this article, obviously, you need to cook yourself and put the efforts for your fur friend in order to cook homemade food. But always make sure to ask your veterinarian before feeding your cooked food to your dog. There are a bunch of recipes you can find on the internet

As sometimes some sensitive dogs may feel unlikely to eat your food or maybe the flavor and ingredient don’t suit him and liked by your dog. Your vet can help you to add the necessary and nutritional ingredients in the diet according to your dog with his taste and eating habit.

And yes making your own dog food is cheaper and healthier plus it saves your money so that you can spend on other services for your pet.

2. Check Ingredients instead of Brand

We’re habitual to find our favorite or the best brand that guarantees the best quality in the dog food. Even in the list of dog food retailers or at the Pet mall we look for the brands and see the ratings and reviews but we always check the ingredient the food has.

You might be just paying more for the sake BRAND and ignoring the ingredients. As we told above if your dog is sensitive to some ingredients you don’t know what they are some it may lead to allergic and other discomforts to your dog.

Therefore always check the label of the ingredient you’re looking for. One brand providing with the same ingredients but at lower price then you would prefer the cheaper one. After all, you’re getting the same nutritions so why go for the costly just because of the brand. Be clever and intellectual while shopping and you’ll end up buying the best quality for a cheaper price.

3. Buy in Bulk

It cost you high when you buy Dog food every week or month. Buying in bulk is another great way to save money on dog food.

Some online and offline store gives you discount when you buy the Dog food large quantity. It will also help you to save your time as you don’t need to go for shopping when the food get finished. You don’t need to worry about the stock-out.

4. Check the Best Offers & Deal

Just like the above one, you need to do research before going to buy Dog food. There might be some offers and deal running on the various online and offline pet store checks for the best offers that save you even $1 it’s always worthy.

Doesn’t matter how much you can save but always remember that saving is the only asset that you can rely on when you’re running out of money

5. Raw Dog Food Diet

Last but not least, switching to raw food diet can also save your money on dog food. As it is always cost you less than commercial food when your feed your dog raw food.

Not just saves money but also beneficial for your dog to improve the health and allows your dog to get the essential vitamins and minerals from the fresh meats, fruits and vegetables but always ask you, veterinarian, before switching to raw diet food.

Important: It is impossible to predict the behavior and reaction of individual dog’s to homemade food. So you have to ensure that the diet or ingredients you’re giving to your dog won’t result in nutritional imbalance or other health issues. Hence, it is always recommended to ask and discuss the homemade diet with your veterinarian to get medical concern for the canine.

So that all you need to keep in your mind.

Final Words

Hopefully, you can now save on dog food, but make sure to keep an eye on the dog’s reaction to the new diet you’re giving. Keep notice the your dog’s behavior that is your dog even love to eat what you’re giving to him. Again, before making any changes or switching to raw diet food get the ask your veterinarian.

Anyways, homemade dog food always costs less than commercial food. Besides this, you’ll know what your dog is eating in the food and what minerals/vitamins he’s taking. That’s the main purpose of feeding homemade food to your dog. If you liked this post then consider it to share with other fur friend’s owners and help them to know about the benefits of the homemade canine food and how they can save the money. Till then, follow us on Instagram for Paw 🐾 updates and cuteness loaded pictures.