Can I Feed My Dog Human Food Instead of Dog Food?

A list of human food that dogs can and can't eat and why you should never feed certain human food instead of dog food.
can i feed my dog human food instead of dog food

Once the dogs come in our life and makes their special place in our family, dog lovers try not to leave any stone unturned in taking care of them. We all feel like sharing everything possible with them. From our bed to our potty sessions and even our food.  

BUT WAIT! Do you share every food item with your dog that you eat? Have you ever wondered that the human food you share with your dog is good for its health or not? The answer is NO! Because there are certain food items that can damage the health of your dog and even can cause extreme illness and death.

Is human food healthy for your dog?

Simply assume that some food items are not made for them and their body can’t tolerate such things. But as we already mentioned that not all food items cause health issues to them. Although excessive consumption of any food items even if they are favorable for them leads to major health issues.

Therefore, it is advised to everyone that only feeds them dog food as their main meal throughout the day.

can dog eat human food
Why you shouldn’t feed your Dog human food

In this article, we are going to share knowledge about the human food items that should be fed to your dog and are suitable for them.


It is not advised to feed almonds to dogs. Although almonds do not cause any harm to their health but the major reason behind not feeding almonds to dogs is that the almonds should be chewed completely and dogs do not concentrate on chewing the food, so there are chances of their food pipe can get blocked or may become the reason behind their death.


Plain breads are the best option to feed your dog but the only issue is that those breads lack nutritional value but do not cause any harm to them. If you are thinking of feeding your dog balanced meal with all the nutrients then you should not choose an option to feed breads to your dog. Sometime you can give a treat to them by combining breads with some milk. By doing this, you will be able to increase nutritional value of the meal.


If you want to add some fats into your dog’s diet then cashews are one of the best options available. They are easy to chew and are comparatively softer than almonds. The nutritional value of cashews is quite good for overall health of your dog. But do remember one thing is that anything in excess leads to many health issues. You need to take care of the quantity of food items that you are feeding your dog.


One of the most important things that you need to keep in your mind when you feed dairy to your dog is to make sure that your dog is not lactose intolerant. Little amount of cheese is a good source of calcium as well as protein that your dog needs. You can add cheese which contains less fat than any other cheese such as cottage cheese or mozzarella cheese for making perfect nutritional meal.


Feeding chocolates to your dog is not suggested by anyone. This can create some major issues to your dog’s health. Some lethal chemicals are found in chocolates which are not just suitable for dogs. In fact, small amount of chocolate can cause several health issues like vomiting and diarrhoea. It is definitely great for humans but not for dogs.

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There are no such harmful effects found in cinnamon on the health of dogs but vets will never advise you to feed your dog cinnamon. There are several reasons behind it. First of all, it belongs to spices family and most spices are not beneficial for your dog. Also, if your dog has eaten or inhaled that cinnamon in the form of powder, then it will end up having breathing issues or might will get choked.

Human Foods Dogs Can and Can’t Eat

  • Coconut: As we know that how coconut is beneficial for human beings as it helps in fighting skin problems caused by bacteria and viruses. Similarly, the coconut shows same effects on dogs too because it has lauric acid. It helps in nourishing their skin and controlling bad breath. It is known as a good source of healthy fats and comes with many benefits.
  • Corn: It is considered as a good source of fibre and also has low calories which is surely healthy for your dog. Although overeating leads to indigestion but if you are feeding you dog in moderate quantity then it has many healthy benefits. Boiled or steamed corn is something which your dog can easily eat.
  • Eggs: If you are looking for protein rich diet for your dog or for yourself, eggs are the best source. But it is necessary to cook them completely before feeding them. The eggs do not lose their nutritional value after cooking unlike other things. It is advised that one whole egg in day is enough for your dog. You can feed them in any form such as boiled egg or scrambled egg but avoid adding any spices.
  • Fish: Good fats are the main part of anyone’s diet whether it is a human being or an animal. In order to maintain overall good health of your dog, fats play a very crucial role and we should not avoid them in any case. Fishes are rich in amino acid which has a different role in balancing and lifting up your dog’s health. In fact, they are available in many types like low fat fishes such as ocean perch, mussels, pacific rockfish and high fat fishes such as salmon, sardines etc. So, you can choose them according to your dog’s health requirement.
  • Garlic: It has many health-related benefits but only for human beings. Feeding garlic to your dog is no less than feeding poison. It is hazardous for both dogs and cats. If you consider yourself a true animal lover, you would never feed them garlic. It is a part of Allium family which has some other members too like onion, leek and Chinese onion. They all are not suitable for dogs as they cause several health issues such as pale gums and anaemia etc.
  • Honey: Little amount of honey can be wonderful for your dog. We advised little amount of honey because you should always avoid eatable things from your dog’s diet which contain sugar in them. However, honey is rich with many health benefits and nutrients for instance vitamin B6, E, K, potassium, iron, calcium and zinc which is essential for the metabolism and immune system of your dog. It also contains antioxidant and some anti-inflammatory properties which is helpful for skin issues like burns and cuts. You can add 1-2 table spoon of honey per day in your dog’s diet.
  • Ice Cream: Food items that contain a high amount of sugar are harmful for your dog as well as for you. Consequently, you should avoid feeding ice cream to your dog. Like human beings, some dogs are also lactose intolerants. This can be another reason for not feeding ice cream to your dog. Instead, you can feed them sorbets made up of fruits of their choice. 
  • Milk: Milk with bread is the best food combination for your dog and it is healthy too. Milk is rich with protein, fat and calcium which is required in your dog’s diet. One thing that you need to keep in mind is that the quantity of milk you feeding your dog. As we have already mentioned that some dogs are lactose intolerants.
  • Peanuts/ Peanut Butter: Peanuts and things made up of peanuts are considered as healthy fats. Good amount of protein, vitamin B and E are present in peanuts which leads to many health benefits but avoid feeding your dog salted peanuts. You need to keep your eyes on the quality of the peanut butter because some brands of peanut butter contain sugar and other added flavours, which limits the nutritional value and might cause several problems to your dog. The consistency of good quality of peanut butter is supposed to be watery, not thick.
  • Popcorn: Adding fibre to your dog’s diet helps in better digestion and bowel movements which reduces the chances of constipation. You can feed your dog fully popped popcorn without any added flavours and salt. Feed your dog in small quantity and avoid unpopped popcorn because sometimes it can cause choking.
  • Pork: There is no harm in feeding pork to your dog. In fact, it is one of the best ways to add protein and good calories in your dog’s diet. It also contains amino acid which boost the immune system of your dog and makes its skin healthier. You should always feed cooked pork to your dog in order to keep it (your dog) safe from infection. Avoid salted and processed pork.
  • Quinoa: It lies in the category of high – quality dog food. It is not harmful to your dog because it is packed with protein and good carbs. If you don’t wish to feed corn or wheat to your dog then you can use quinoa as a healthy alternative. Sometimes, quinoa can cause digestion issues to your dog. In this case, it is suggested that you should avoid feeding them.

Wheat: Grains do not cause any problems to dogs unless they are allergic to some grains. In fact, wheat contains animal protein and instantly helps in boosting energy. It is also rich with fibre and fatty acid. Fibre eases digestion process and fatty acids helps in storing energy and improving immune system.

Some other Foods that is healthy for Your Dog

  • Yogurt: Plain yogurt is healthy for your dog because it is high in calcium and protein. The hidden bacteria present in yogurt enhances strength of the digestive system of your dog. But you should avoid feeding flavoured or sweetened yogurt to your dog. It is not considered healthy for your dog. If your dog is lactose intolerant, then you can limit or avoid feeding yogurt.
  • Carrots: Most of the fruits and vegetables are good source of fibre which keep their digestion process healthy. Carrots are one of them and can easily be fed to dogs without any doubt. They have many vitamins and minerals which are much needed for your dog.
  • Grapes: There are some food items that you should not feed your dog and grapes are one of them. Even a one piece of grapes can cause some dangerous health issues to your dog. Some of the primary side effects of grapes such as vomiting, diarrhoea and even it can lead to kidney failure.
  • Salt: Quantity of salt should be limited in your dog’s diet. High amount of salt is not good for the health of your dog. It can be fatal in many cases. High salt intake leads to dehydration and can cause salt poisoning. Avoid feeding all those food items which contain high amount of salt and don’t forget to hydrate your dog frequently.
  • Onion: All the food items that are the part of allium family are dangerous for your dog. It has a compound named propyl disulfide, which can be lethal for your dog. It really doesn’t matter whether you are feeding raw onion or cooked onion, onion in any form is harmful for dogs. Your dog can suffer from anemia, overall weakness and loss of appetite. Keeping your eye on everything that you feed your dog is quite essential because onion is present in most of the thing in different forms.   
  • Pineapple: Like many other fruits, pineapple is also enriched with many vitamins and full of fibre. Small portion of pineapple in dog’s diet can be a great snack and it is completely healthy. Just take care that your dog is not allergic to pineapple.
  • Watermelon: It is a good source of nutrients like Vitamin A and C. Remove the seeds from watermelon before feeding it to your dog. Seeds are harmful for dogs and create health issues. As we have already mentioned that fruits are full of fibre and helps in digestion process. 5% of your dog’s diet should be fruits for maintaining good health.
  • Cottage Cheese: Things made up of milk are full of protein and calcium, which are essential nutrients for your dog. Small amount of cottage cheese in your dog’s diet provides many health benefits. In case of some dogs, cottage cheese causes digestion issues because lactose intolerance. It is advised to feed them in small quantity.
  • Avocado: This is the food item that you should never feed your dog, in any case. It contains a fungicidal toxin which is not suitable for dogs. That toxin is more hazardous to dogs than any other animal. It can cause breathing difficulties or lungs infection. It is better to keep it away from your dog than regretting later because it is completely fatal.
  • Tomatoes: A toxic chemical named as solanine present in the leaves and stem in large quantity and likely to be present in smaller quantity in the actual fruit, that shows feeding your dog the actual fruit in smaller quantity will cause no harm. We suggested to feed tomatoes in smaller quantity because they contain tomatine also which is definitely not healthy for your dog. Never feed your dog green tomatoes. High amount of tomato consumption leads to nausea, breathing issues etc.
  • Oats: It comes in the category of healthy carbs which also contains good amount of vitamin B and fatty acids. It is an excellent alternative of carbs for your dog. Avoid feeding in larger quantity and flavoured oats because it can become the reason behind weight gain of your dog and any added flavour in oats is not considered healthy as the flavoured oats contain either large quantity of sugar or salt.
  • Tea/Coffee: Such beverages contain caffeine and caffeine intake can damage your dog badly. It directly effects their nervous system which leads to many health issues like vomiting, diarrhoea, seizures and even can become the reason behind death. Not only dogs, caffeine effects most of the animals and you should always keep such things away from your dog.
  • Apple: It is one of the best fruits which you can add in your dog’s diet. Apples are full of vitamin A and vitamin C. They are also good source of dietary fibre which helps in maintaining a healthy digestive system. Remove all the seeds and core of the apples before giving them to your dog. Two slices of apple help in providing balanced diet to your dog.
  • Chicken: It is one of the main food items that people usually feed their dogs. And why not people should feed chicken to dogs? Chicken is rich with protein and completely safe to feed your dog. You should always avoid feeding raw chicken meat to dogs because it can cause infection. Moreover, don’t forget to remove bones from chicken meat before serving to your dog.
  • Sweet Potato: Limited amount of sweet potato can do wonder to your dog’s health. It is a good carb contains low fat and enough amount of fibre. It is full of vitamins A, B6, C, calcium, potassium, and iron which are mandatory nutrients in your dog’s diet. Avoid overfeeding them.
  • Alcohol: You can’t expect good if you are even thinking of feeding alcohol to your dog. Some food items are lethal for your dog and alcohol is one of them. It poisons the body of the dog and consequences are dangerous. Anything which contains alcohol such as cologne, mouth wash, cosmetics, body washes and bug sprays etc.; you should always avoid contact between those things and your dog. Dogs can suffer from heart failure, lung failure, constant dizziness and even death.
  • Rice: It is considered healthy and safe for your dog. You can serve rice with mashed potatoes or chicken whatever your dog likes. But do not overfeed them because rice is full of carbs and it can cause weight gain. Mix rice with vegetables, it will help in balancing your dog’s diet.
  • Lemon: Citric acid is present in lemons and large quantity of citric acid is definitely not good for your dog. Intake of lemon in large quantity can cause upset stomach, indigestion and liver damage. This happens due to the essential oils and psoralens present in fruits like lemon and lime. Although you can avoid feeding lemons to your dog. 
  • Bananas: You can feed bananas to your dogs without any stress. Major fruits do not cause any harm to dog’s health and banana is the most suitable and easily available fruit but avoid feeding in case of allergy. You can feed in moderate quantity for positive health benefits. Do not overfeed them because it is rich in fibre and intake of larger quantity of fibre leads to digestion issues.
  • Mango: Peeled mango without seed/pit will cause no harm to your dog and it is absolutely safe. That sweet and tasty fruit is rich with vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin C and vitamin A which completes and balances your dog’s diet. Avoid feeding in large quantity because too much sugar is not healthy for dogs.

The list of food items that we eat is very long and we should always keep it in mind that we should not feed everything to our dog. Always consult the vet before adding anything new in your dog’s diet, just do not assume and carelessly feed them. In case of emergency, urgently seek advice from specialists.

If the dogs have become a part of our family, it is our responsibility to give them best and do everything which can be possible. They only crave love and affection and serving food is a part of it. So, we should be more careful about it.