How Much You Need to Spend on Pomeranians?

Planning to have a Pomeranian? Read this before you get one.
how much does a pomeranian dog cost

Dogs and puppies form the backbone of a family and it is nice having a small little fluff ball following you around in your houses and making it a positive and good atmosphere to be in. There are a lot of breeds to choose from if you are a dog enthusiast but nothing comes close to a Pomeranian. These cute and fluffy dogs come at different prices and it’s important to know about that before going around and purchasing one.

The price of a Pomeranian varies depending on certain factors but most of them cost between $500-$1000. This happens when you don’t purchase a Pomeranian from a breeder and directly as a pet. Sometimes when you go to a breeder and ask about the price, they would say something around $4000 and that’s because of the gene pool. They mix the genes and breed it in a way that the dog you will end up owning will be of quality and nothing short of perfect. Purchasing a Pomeranian from a retail chain would cost you more because of the people and the middleman involved.

Measures that influence the price

The different varieties and breeds of the Pomeranian directly influence the price. Some other factors which lead to the change in prices are:

Area of living

The cost of living and average household income directly influences the price of this dog. If you live in a posh area like Beverly Hills, the income is high and thus the breeders will charge more than usual.

Variations in  BREEDERS

The breeders charge according to their business and what goals they have set. You can find breeders with the same gene pool charging different prices and then you can make your decisions accordingly.

AGE of dogs

If you buy a young puppy, you will be priced more for it. Since they are in demand and everyone wants a small pup, they get sold out fast. The puppies which are a little older are usually cheaper because of their growth and less demand.

QUALITY they have 

Although using the term quality seems wrong, some puppies are bred and come out with superior qualities to other pups. They have shinier and fluffier skins, superior intelligence, etc. This influences the price majorly because of the demand.


Solid color Pomeranians are rare and cost a lot more. Pomeranians come in different color pallets and thus the prices range and depend upon the demand of each color.

Few Money-Saving Tips on Pomeranians

There are a lot of ways you can save up money while buying a Pomeranian. Some of them are:


Try buying a pet in a slow season where the demand is less. Usually, during the summers, the cost of dogs is high since they are in demand. Shopping in winter, fall, and early spring is the best due to the low and falling prices. 


Older puppies are already vaccinated and are easier to take care of. Since not a lot of people buy them, the prices are low and you can save a lot when you choose an older puppy. You just need to be clear on the vaccinations your dog has got and if he or she is healthy.


Sometimes breeders are unable to provide paperwork and thus they have lower prices than high-level breeders. Before you rule these breeders out because of their inability to provide the paperwork, you must meet the breeders and then choose for yourself. This could be a great way to save up money.


Sometimes your neighborhood could get expensive when it comes to buying a dog. You need to expand your search zone and go to neighboring cities for a better and lower price.


Let your friends and family know you are looking for a dog so that you can keep getting leads and good prices for the same.


You can try negotiating over overly priced dogs. Although it might not be of much help since the prices are fixed, there is nothing wrong with trying.

Pomeranians might be a little expensive but when you get one and see it jumping and being happy alongside you looking all adorable and fluffy, all these factors won’t budge you. you need to be smart in the decisions you make regarding the dog you want to buy but make sure to not base it entirely alone on the cost. 

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