Best And Worst Dog Breeds For First time Owners

Have you ever wanted to get yourself a dog? Check out this post to select the best breeds!
best dogs for first time owners

Many of us find joy in little things like petting a dog and taking them for a walk. A lot of us set up playdates with our friends to play with their dogs. Have you ever wanted to get yourself a dog? Be a proud owner of a dog? Well, it is sure fun but there are a lot of other parameters you need to look for while deciding to become a dog owner. In this article, we are going to delve into the depth information that is necessary to know if you are planning to get a dog. 

In this article apart from all the usual rant, we are going to discuss the different dog breeds and why you should choose these breeds to be your first pet. When you want to adopt local indie breeds that is amazing! But if you are looking for something more expensive, then we have got you covered. We are going to talk about the different dog breeds, and the type of food and exercise that is needed by them, and how it affects your normal day-to-day life. Sit tight and read on to know more about them. 

Here Are Some Tips For First-time Owners Which They Need To Follow:

Before talking about the various breeds of dogs that can make great pets, you have to understand that it is important to know that mixed breeds can cause a little bit of confusion than pure- breeds. With mixed-breeds, you wouldn’t know the difference in the breeds and how to react or grow with them. But with pure-breeds, you will get a lot of information about their eating and living habits. Thus it is necessary to make sure you know what breed you are going to adopt or purchase before getting it to live with you. If you do not want a household pure breed and want to invest to fulfill your hunting goals or hiking ideas, then you should go for mixed breeds as they are extremely vigilant when it comes to it.

  • If you have decided on becoming a proud dog owner, we would like to congratulate you on that first. It is a decision that requires a lot of thought and action. 
  • We would like you to know that you have gotten over the first step of becoming a dog owner. 
  • Getting over the fear and being ready to take up the responsibility of life is something scary but, if you have thought it through and you suppose you are ready to take up this responsibility, then you can proceed. It is an exciting time of your life as you are going to be a proud dog owner. 
  • Surely you have read a lot of articles regarding how and why you should own a pet and how to take care of them.

Does The Breed Of The Dog Matter While Thinking About Keeping A Dog? 

Is the breed of the dog that important? If you are a first-time dog owner, does it matter? The answer is yes. As you have just decided to take up the responsibility for caring for a life, you need to make sure that you do it right. Few dog breeds can turn up to be high-maintenance that can be tedious for you as well. You already might have an idea about the kind of pet you are willing to take in, the size of them, how friendly they are, their level of energy, and the kind of fur and coat you would prefer. Many people often get confused about the kind of breed they want to adopt, usually, they go for fancy breeds that are not suited properly to their household, then they abandon their pets. If you have decided to be a dog owner, you need to make sure to take the right breed home without any doubt or question of whether it suits you or not. 

Like every single item in our life has come into existence because of certain needs and roles that need to be fulfilled. By doing so, they complete their task. Similarly, dog breeds are also different. Dog breeds vary with their nature and are suited to various activities that are to be done. For example, few dog breeds are specialized in hunting, hiking in extreme conditions like snow and ice. Few are made for guarding the house and few are just cute and fancy. According to your preference, you need to select the breed that is best suited for you and your purpose. 

Hence you need to access the different aspects and different energy levels of the breeds to make sure you do not regret your decision later. You need to make sure you take some time and browse and find out about the different breeds and get an idea about what you need exactly. 

Mixed Breed Dogs And Why Should The First-time Dog Owner Consider It? 

  • Every dog is different. 
  • Do not decide in haste as every individual dog is different. 
  • Do not take a decision solely on the breed of the dog. It might be necessary but not entirely. 
  • Browse and read about various breeds. 
  • Connect with the soul within instead of the breed. 
  • Go for adopting these lives instead of spending your precious money. 

Keep in mind all of these points before making a decision that might affect not just one life but also the life of the dog and your entire household. The different kinds of breeds that are included are as mentioned below:

Best Breeds You Need To Keep In Mind: First-time Dog Owners

  1. Pugs: Their attractive look, makes your day and they are extremely friendly and easy-to-go breed. They are lovely and adoring to the household. Their short nose and limbs make it difficult for them while running or breathing, thus creating new health problems now and then. Thus you need to be able to give them the love and attention they require because of their health.
  • Energy level: Their energy levels are usually low, but they enjoy a good walk from time to time. It is difficult for them to breathe because of their short legs and limbs. Coat type: easy and simple without any coat maintenance.
  • Brains: they take around 40-80 repetitions of the command to learn new things. They are ranked intelligent.
  • Brawn: they weigh about 14-18 pounds and grow up to a height of 11-13 inches. 
  1. Labrador retriever: Because of their amazing interactive skills. They are one of the most common and popular breeds for the household. They get overwhelmed easily and are so loving in family environments. They are easy to train and maintain as well. They are highly active and require frequent walks. Their level of intelligence is extremely good as well. 
  • Energy level: Extremely active with activities based on hiking, running, and playing fetch. 
  • Coat type: Short and thick with fur shedding all over.
  • Brains: They take less than 5 repetitions to get a command right. 
  • Brawn: They weigh about 55-80 pounds and grow up to a height of 21-25 inches tall.
  1. Shih Tzus: They are too adorable to even look at. You can easily carry them around and are extremely playful. They don’t require a lot of work and are easy to maintain. They are intelligent and do not require any extra exercise schedule as they are playful and active through their casual routine. 
  • Energy level: they are active and require quite some activity. Medium to high energy levels. 
  • Coat type: Regular grooming is required for them. 
  • Brains: They need more than 80-100 repetitions to know and understand a single command. 
  • Brawn: They are extremely small and weigh about 9-16 pounds with a height of up to 8-11 inches. 
  1. Great Dane: They are huge to look at, but they are goofy and friendly. They do not require fuss as they are mostly stuck to their positions either on the couch or in their position. They are extremely patient, affectionate, and good cuddling buddies. They do not require extreme exercise or training per se but a few walks a day is enough to keep them active. 
  • Energy level: Low to medium energy levels. They are an extremely relaxed species. 
  • Coat type: Short and easy, they do not require too much grooming. 
  • Brains: They require about 25-30 repetitions to understand a command. 
  • Brawn: They are extremely tall with a height of about 28-32 inches and weighing about 100-200 pounds. 
  1. Cavalier Spaniel: They are smaller and cuter than any breed. This breed does not have extremely high energy and requires frequent walks to keep them active. 
  • Energy level: They make up for great lap dogs and they enjoy a good run. 
  • Coat type: You need to keep grooming their long fur from gathering ticks and mites. 
  • Brains: They are intelligent with only 25-40 repetitions to get the command right. 
  • Brawn: They are extremely small with only 10-13, inches tall and weigh about 13-18 pounds.
  1. Greyhound: they are mostly used for racing and coaching. They are extremely high in energy and often used to run long distances. They are very short with average intelligence. 
  • Energy level: they enjoy a good run with medium energy levels. They are good at keeping low too. 
  • Coat type: Might vary depending on the region, the colder parts have bigger coats.
  • Brains: 25-40 repetitions to learn a new command. 
  • Brawn: 25-30 inches tall with a weight of about 60-70 pounds. 
  1. Whippet: They are usually Similar to greyhounds and are used for racing and running long distances, but they are also couch potatoes and require constant attention. They are extremely furry and require frequent brushing. They can easily adapt to any environment whether it might be an apartment or independent house or anything. 
  • Energy level: they enjoy a good run with medium energy levels. They are good at keeping low too. 
  • Coat type: Might vary depending on the region, the colder parts have bigger coats.
  • Brains: 25-40 repetitions to learn a new command. 
  • Brawn: 25-30 inches tall with a weight of about 60-70 pounds. 
  1. Golden Retrievers: they are extremely similar to the labs but, the main difference comes only in the looks, they have even more fur than the labs and are extremely intelligent top dogs. 
  • Energy level: They are extremely active and require regular walks and activities like hiking, fetching, and playing. 
  • Coat type: They require constant grooming as they shed a lot of hair. 
  • Brains: they require less than 4 repetitions to accept a command.
  • Brawn: They weigh about 55-75 pounds with a height of 22-24 inches tall. 
  1. Bernese Mountain Dog: They are giant but extremely easygoing with a calm temperament and control. Their bark is commanding and looks elegant as well. 
  • Energy level: They enjoy hiking and can lift heavy weights and enjoy brisk walking and running activities with medium to high energy levels. 
  • Coat type: Regular brushing with no professional grooming needed. 
  • Brains: They just require 5-15 repetitions to learn a new command
  • Brawn: They weigh about 80-110 pounds with a height of about 23-26 inches. 

Worst Dog Breeds For The First Time Dog Owners: 

No dog breed is bad but, if you are a first-time dog owner you need to make sure that you get the right breed that is well suited and equipped with growing in a household environment, rather than being aloof and reserved. We have come up with a list of dogs that make the worst breeds for first-time dog owners: 

  1. Beagle: They are extremely independent and go about their work. They are loud and run about everywhere making the owners worry. They are extremely excited and go sniffing and looking at things. 
  • Energy level: Extremely active and needs to stay well exercised
  • Coat type: Easy and simple.
  • Brains: They need more than 80-100 repetitions to accept or learn a command. 
  • Brawn: Their height ranges from 13-15 inches tall and weighs just 20-30 pounds.
  1. Akita: They became popular after the movie Hatchi. They are well-trained and groomed and extremely friendly species with a tinge of suspicion given to their roots. 
  • Energy level: Regular walking and training are enough. 
  • Coat type: They need to be groomed and cleaned frequently
  • Brains: They need about 25-50 repetitions to understand a command.
  • Brawn: They weigh about 70-130 pounds and grow up to 24-28 inches tall.
  1. Dalmatian: they are extremely high maintenance and require a slot of energy. These dogs were bred to run along with the fire engines and hence they bark a lot. 
  • Energy level: Their energy levels are extremely high and they require a lot of training. They continuously bark. 
  • Coat type: No extreme grooming needed. 
  • Brains: They need 15-25 repetitions to understand a command.
  • Brawn: They weigh about 45-70 pounds with a height of 19-24 inches. 
  1. Shiba Inu: They are extremely difficult to train and maintain. They are shy and are not first-time dog owners. 
  • Energy level: They require regular walks and to be kept on a leash as it is extremely difficult to train them. 
  • Coat type: Short and thick coat with regular grooming.
  • Brains: 25-40 repetitions to understand a command.
  • Brawn: They are 13-17 inches tall with 15-24 pounds.
  1. Siberian Husky: They need high maintenance as they are bred to chase and carry heavy loads. They are beautiful and require a lot of training. 
  • Energy level: High and is not at all recommended for the household. You have to train them properly. 
  • Coat type: Their coat is thick and furry, with regular grooming needed. 
  • Brains: 25-40 repetitions of the words to understand the command
  • Brawn: 35-40 pounds in weight and 20-25 inches tall.
  1. Cane Corso: They aren’t social dogs and require a lot of training. They are loyal, which makes them aggressive towards strangers. They are mostly used as guard dogs as they are extremely poised. 
  • Energy level: Extremely high and aggressive training. They enjoy playing fetch and are strong athletes.
  • Coat type: Short and easy 
  • Brains: They are smart and disciplined.
  • Brawn: 100 pounds and they are 24-28 inches tall.
  1. Chow: They do not like people and are quite disinterested in social conventions. They do not like training as well. They are cute and aloof and keep to themselves. 
  • Energy level: Low and do not need exercise
  • Coat type: require extensive grooming sessions
  • Brains: 80-100 repetitions of the word to understand the command.
  • Brawn: 45-70 pounds with 17-20 inches tall. 
  1. Border collie: They are smart and intelligent and will easily tire you. They are bred extensively for farm work and are needed to be exercised thoroughly. 
  • Energy level: Extremely high energy levels with regular physical and mental exercises that need to be done.
  • Coat type: Smooth and long coat according to the species.
  • Brains: straight-up intelligent. Needs less than 3 repetitions.
  • Brawn: 27-45 pounds with 18-22 inches tall. 
  1. Belgian malinois: They are beautiful, tenacious, and elegant. All of these things are packed under one roof. They are extremely active with high energy levels. 
  • Energy level: High energy level with mental and physical exercise every single day. 
  • Coat type: easy and simple grooming.
  • Brains: 5-15 repetitions to understand the command.
  • Brawn: 40-80 pounds with a height of about 22-26 inches. 


Now you have a list of things you need to consider before getting that puppy home. Make sure you research thoroughly and Understand the difference between various breeds before you make a purchase or adopt a breed. Remember to always go by the connection you find between the two and not just by the breed. If you liked our list, you can customize it according to your expectations. We have given you an idea about the various parameters that are present in different dog breeds. You can personalize according to your taste and needs. Instead, you can even consider the dogs according to the criteria list that mentions what are the things that you don’t want in a pet. 

For example, you might not want dogs that are less in weight or more in weight, dogs that bark a lot, dogs that have separation anxiety and are well aware and socially friendly. Once you have what you do not want in a pet, it is pretty easy to cross off the breeds that have all of these things.