Why Do Dogs Follow You into the Bathroom?

Does your dog love to join you everywhere and when you go to the washroom? Here's what you need to know about his behavior and bonding with you.
why do dogs follow you into the bathroom

Does your dog follow you when you into the bathroom? There might be some reasons behind such behavior.

Let’s find out why!

Dogs are always known for their best companionship. They are the instant mood lifters when we don’t feel good and never wish to leave us wherever we go. Even they don’t mind following us when we go to the toilet(wink). Although it sounds funny and we all laugh at those videos and pictures about dogs that we see on the internet. But there are certain reasons, due to which dogs always like to be around us.

They are always curious about our movements and activities like where are we going or what are we doing. Dogs can easily identify and relate to your feelings because there is one hormone known as “Oxytocin” which is secreted by both the dogs and the human beings which shows they feel same love and affection for each others.

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?

If your dog is following you into the bathroom or anywhere? sometimes sadness might be the reason behind it but it is not possible in every case. Maybe your dog cares for you and concerns about your safety. That is why it follows you to make sure that you are fine. Dogs find those places safe which you share with them in your house, whether it is a room or a washroom.

Just like they get curious about you performing an activity like dance or eating, similarly, they get curious about when going to the loo.

Having pets like dogs means no space for personal space. Closed door when no one is around does not make any sense to them. They become vulnerable and get anxious when you are not around or doing something in their absence.

They are the believer of cooperative community and no one is allowed to be alone. They always like to share their space with their loved ones. They just need love, attention and affection and you will get the same in return without any judgements.

You just need to be more attentive towards the actions of your dog. Try noticing its responses towards you. As we are very well aware of the term “puppy eyes”, it simply shows that your dog requires extreme love and attention. If your dog is trying to lean against you, give it more hugs and cuddles, that is all your dog needs.

If dogs raise their paws, it shows that they are extremely excited about their surroundings or they saw something astonishing or you just need to play with them. There are many other signals that your dog gives you, great tuning between you and your dog, that is all it requires. 

Dogs tend to have more emotional feelings for their loved ones than any other animal and that attachment makes them vulnerable when you are not around. The major reason is that humans and the dogs secrete the same hormone which is known for love and affection.

Once your dog comes in your life, it gets attached to you and to everything which belongs to you, it includes your bathroom also. Your safety is their first concern and your privacy comes after that.

This is the only reason your dog comes behind you in the bathroom to give you company.     

Let’s look at some more reasons in depth

They Feel Happy Around People

Happy Dog
Smiley Furry

As we have already discussed that dogs like to be around people. When we welcome them in our home and make them one of our family members, they start imbibing everything and feeling secured around us.

Moreover, the feeling generates in their mind that you are going to be their caretaker and will provide food and shelter to them, which enhances the bond between you and your dog. Then it will not be surprising for you if your dog follows you everywhere and takes care of you as well.  

They Are Habitual of Living Together

Habitual of living together
Habitual of Living Together

Dogs always prefer to be in a group with other fellows as they are known as pack animals by nature. In other words, they like being together with each other so that they don’t feel alone.

They require someone to accompanying them, no matter whether they are other dogs or humans. Although dogs seem to have no issues with human beings if they are treating them with love.

Different Breed, Different Features

Two Breeds
Different Breed, Difference in Behavior

Do you think that your dog is clingy? actually you might be wrong in this case because there are some specific breeds of dogs who like to keep themselves around their caretaker or loved one. These dogs are known as “Velcro Dogs” who always wish to be near to their caretakers. The reasons behind this can be your safety as well as your love for them.


Canine sadness can lead to doggy depression
Dog sadness can lead to doggy depression

As human beings, whenever we feel sad, we would definitely appreciate someone’s presence around us. Similarly, dogs also feel the same because humans and dogs release the exact same hormones which defines our emotions. If your dog is making puppy eyes face or licking its own body, these are might be the reasons behind your dog’s anxiety and sadness. In that case, letting your dog join you everywhere will help a lot but the best suggestion is to take consultation from the vet or the professional trainer.   

Last Words

Sometimes dogs want us to invest our every minute in them with their fun activities and stuff. This makes them feel special, cherished, and glad to have an owner like you so why not we should this? Hopefully, from now you’ll be able to think what your dog wants from you when he follows you into the bathroom.

And it’s not always accurate to analyze the dog’s behavior. However, canine somewhat thinks and acts like humans but in a few cases, it becomes hard to recognize what’s running on their mind. So, if you liked this post, do share with your friends and family having a dog.

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