Expanding Homekit Automation Functionality to all Shortcut Actions

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What is Trigger2Text (T2T)?

Ever wanted Homekit home automations to trigger any actions available on your devices? By design, home automation triggers can only trigger home automation actions, greatly limiting its usefulness. Trigger2Text is a simple workaround that allows you to access the full set of Personal automation actions for home automation triggers.

How does it work?
1. Create a new Home Automation with the trigger of your choosing
2. Convert the action into a Shortcut
3. Set the Shortcut action to Get Contents Of with your unique URL and a message of your choice
4. Create a new Personal Automation to trigger when your text message is received
5. Set the shortcut action to anything you like!
6. When the Home Automation is triggered, you'll receive a text message with your personalized message
7. This text message will trigger your personal automation which will run all the actions in your shortcut

Unique Benefit - Trigger2Text will wake up your device upon receiving our SMS text message and your shortcut will run! You won't have to leave your device unlocked!

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  • I don't receive T2T text messages!
    Be sure to check your mobile number is entered in correctly in your account. Confirm in your personalized URL that the PIN is correct.